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Smart Residential and Commercial Burglar Alarms

The security industry has come a long way in the last 40 years. Once upon a time, data was stored on VHS tapes, and CCTV footage was grainy at best. But with today’s equipment, you have complete protection in the form of:

● Smart alarms that incorporate traditional contact sensors and sophisticated motion detectors
● Systems that communicate via your home or business’s smart hub, allowing you to monitor and program your alarm remotely
● Apps that connect to your fire alarm, alerting you of any danger instantly
● Remote monitoring of surveillance systems through your core security system

There’s no more mad dash to the control panel to deactivate the alarm. Today’s remote-operated systems make setting and unsetting a breeze. Control the activation and deactivation of the system with the fob, card, or app.

Outwitting burglars means choosing an innovative solution. With our expertise, we’ll help you select the optimal combination of security detection devices. Our professional team will then install your new system and ensure that it runs perfectly.

Sophisticated Breach Detection

Interstate Security Systems Inc. makes it simple to secure your property. We recommend a combination of contact sensors and motion detectors when mounting your defense.

Motion detectors allow you to set a security perimeter, internally and externally. By placing them at critical points, you’re able to detect movement before the burglar does too much damage. The sound of the alarm may even persuade the would-be criminal to run away.

There are two broad categories of motions sensors:
Photo Sensor Motion Detectors: These devices run a beam of light between two points. Should something break the shaft of light, it sets off the alarm.
Passive Infrared Motion Detectors: These thermal sensors detect significant changes in temperature in the area.

Contact sensors alert you to unauthorized entry in a slightly different way. The two-part device consists of a sensor and magnet.

We place one section on the movable part of a window or door frame and the other on the fixed area next to it. If you open the door or window, the magnet breaks contact with the sensor and triggers an alert.

When contact sensors and motion detectors trigger a breach:
● A loud siren sounds, potentially frightening off burglars
● The system sends an alert to you, to your security company, and usually the authorities
● It activates passive surveillance systems to capture evidence of the breach

Commercial clients may opt to set secure zones within their buildings with differing levels of access. Should an unauthorized person attempt to enter these areas, it triggers the alarm and security alert.

Complete Coverage

Speak to the team at Interstate Security Inc. about the best security systems in Hardinsburg, KY for your needs. We provide a free evaluation of your current security and identify potential problem areas. We’ll work with you to create a custom system that offers optimal coverage.

Let us assist you in eliminating blind spots and minimizing risks. With our residential and commercial burglar alarms, we’ll help you make yourself a hard target that criminals will prefer to avoid.

In the event that they’re persistent enough to try anyway, our high-quality equipment provides the best chance of detection. With quick alerts to the authorities and your monitoring company, you’re often able to catch them in the act.

Have a question about the services we offer for security systems in Hardinsburg, KY? Get in touch, and let’s see what we can do.

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